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Advancement of agricultural research undergoes public-private partnerships

The Maintenance of a state-of-the-art agricultural research in Brazil involves stimulating new partnerships between the public and private sector. This was highlighted by the Chairman of the Global Agribusiness Forum, Cesario Ramalho da Silva, during his participation in GAF program in the Rural Channel. According to Cesario, Brazil has developed its own way of making agriculture based in a technology package specific to the tropics.

"This is exactly what has boosted our agriculture, promoting supply and quality of food as well as clean energy from agricultural bases",  he said, noting, however, that all of this is at risk due to the limitation of public spending. "Embrapa, for example, is excellent, but it cannot stand by itself. That's why we need partnerships with the private sector in agricultural research area. "

During the interview, Cesario also dealt with the international agricultural trade, pointing out that Brazil needs to be more aggressive regarding negotiations, seeking bilateral agreements. "Directing all efforts in the WTO negotiations was not a good strategy." In addition, the chairman of GAF Board pointed out that, in what comes to agricultural policy, rather than securing subsidized credit, Brazil needs to leverage the rural insurance, specially the one that ensures revenue to the producer.

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