Global Agribusiness Forum

The Global Agribusiness Forum (GAF) is one of the most relevant agribusiness meetings in the world. 

The event connects the greatest exponents of world agriculture, to address solutions to the major challenges faced by humanity, aiming to raise awareness and promote a sustainable social, economic and environmental development.

The GAF first edition took place in the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil, in the year of  2012. The event takes place every two years and is promoted by large entities of the agribusiness sector, such as: SRB (Brazilian Rural Society), representative of the agricultural business in Brazil, protecting the producers of all crops and cattle breeders, jointly with ABRAMILHO (Brazilian Association of Corn Producers) and International Maize Alliance (MAIZALL), which main purpose is to collaborate on a global basis and address the main issues related to food security, biotechnology, management, commerce and the producer’s image; the ABCZ (Brazilian Association of Zebu Breeders), which mission is to promote the sustainable growth of the world production of meat and milk, by means of genealogic records, genetic improvement and promotion of Zebu races; ABRAFRUTAS (Brazilian Association of Exporting Producers of Fruits and By-Products), representing the Brazilian fruit farming industry in the international market; the National Sugar and Ethanol Forum, an entity that gathers all unions and associations of the Sugar and Ethanol Sectors in Brazil; UNEM (National Union of Corn Ethanol) with the objective of promoting the industrial development of corn-based ethanol in the country, ABPA (Brazilian Association for Animal Protein), largest representative entity of the animal protein sector in Brazil and DATAGRO, one of the world’s largest agricultural consulting companies.

In addition, GAF is supported by hundreds of organizations, from the Public and Private Sectors, International Organizations, Chambers & Commercial Clusters, Embassies and Academic Institutions.

Moreover, the event aims to promote world agribusiness, stimulate widespread entrepreneurship and develop commercial relations. 

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